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Mataki-Lite Animal Tracker

A lightweight tag to track and log animal behavior, specifically birds
Mataki-Lite Animal Tracker
Mataki-Lite Animal Tracker
Mataki-Lite Animal Tracker
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Mataki-Lite Animal Tracker Mataki-Lite Animal Tracker Mataki-Lite Animal Tracker

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Product Description

The Mataki system is designed to track birds and other animals using GPS. A 'tag' device with a unique ID number is attached to each animal and the tracking information collected by the tags is sent to a base station over a radio link. The base station data can then be uploaded to a PC and logs for each tag separated out. The radio link means there is no need to re-capture the animals to recover the data.

Mataki-Lite tags are fully scriptable using a version of the BASIC language to support techniques such as geo-fencing.

Mataki-Lite tags are the lightest member of the Mataki family weighing in at around 3.5g excluding a battery. It can upload its log data to a Mataki-Classic or Pi-Base base station.

The tracking and logging behaviour of Mataki-Lite tags is entirely controlled by a user-supplied script giving total control over the logging process and allowing species-specific behaviour.


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This campaign is currently in prelaunch and welcomes feedback or suggestions for product improvements before it goes to production. Our goal is to build a product that's valuable for as many people as possible! Please use the comments tab or email us at feedback@groupgets.com to provide your inputs.


Product Specifications


  • Battery voltage sensor
  • GPS position
  • Light sensor
  • Fully scriptable
  • Script upload over radio (requires a Pi-Base base station)

Latest Firmware: V1.2.3

  • Size: 34 x 21.75mm
  • Weight: 3.5g ± 0.2g
  • Max. transmit power (at antenna): 10mW (+10dBm)
  • Battery (not supplied): 3.6V Lithium-Ion
  • Log capacity: 3184
  • Max. Script Size: 12KB

Current Consumption (typical):

  • Sleeping (_GPS= -1): < 10µA
  • Sleeping (_GPS= 0): 40µA
  • Obtaining Fix (_GPS= 1): 30-40mA
  • Radio Comms: 20mA

Purchase Information

Unit Deliverable

A Mataki-Lite Tag


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