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PUREmodules GridEye2

Taking the PureModules Grideye and making it smaller.
PUREmodules GridEye2
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PUREmodules GridEye2

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Pure Engineering

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Taking the PureModules Grideye and making it smaller. Just in time for your Covid-19 applications. A smaller package allows putting it in more places. The PCB measures 1"x .48". and it is designed for the PUREmodules edge connector (add one to your design today, order an adapter, or just solder wires ). 

This thermal modules allows for 8x8 (64 pixels) capturing of Thermal data over i2c. The Grid-EYE uses MEMS thermopile technology to get temperature readings of the physical world. The 60 degree viewing angle allows for a wide range of applications such as people counting, medial imaging, general thermal mapping, robotics and more. 

We are using the AMG8833 the 3.3V 4°F to +212°F (–20°C to 100°C) based part. The most accurate and versatile part of the series. 

For more technical details check out the Grid-Eye AMG8833 Datasheet

You can use our example source code, or write your own, the protocol is extremely simple and works on any micro-controller. We recently added example code reading the sensor from a Pi, or Linux PC using a low cost ch341a adapter.   

We are very excited about this chip and its many applications. 


Featured on Hackaday.com!


For a video demo please checkout the previous version of it, the digital output is identical as shown in this video, with just a different form factor. 

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One PureModule Grid-Eye sensor

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PUREmodules CH314A


The PUREmodules CH341A is the ultimate key to making interfacing to I2C and SPI devices fun and easy on any Linux computer. We have been internally using the CH341A for developing all our embedded i2c and SPI drivers that eventually run on low power micro-controller systems. Being able to use the PC to talk directly to the sensors by a single USB port makes development so much faster, and fun again. There are much better development tools on the desktop than on a tiny low power micro controller, plus dumping data from a sensor to a file is straight forward. We can go on and on about the advantages, we feel this is the future for all i2c and spi driver development. We also feel this is a great tool teaching those who want to move into the embedded world as you can quickly go from a hello world to reading hardware raw data in a few minutes. 

On top of that when interfacing to hardware sometimes it just makes sense to have the PC do everything, especially in this IoT connected world. This makes it almost too easy to get sensor data into the cloud. So you may never need to use a micro-controller at all for you IoT application.

Thanks to the community Linux Drivers are easy to install and work great. Just follow the directions and you are good to go.  Windows is possible as well, but we are not providing windows examples at this time.  Note that moving from a Linux PC to an PI is as simple as changing /dev/i2c-x to match to the i2c overlay.     

This board provides a USB connection to a PC and a PUREmodules standard connector for plugging in any PUREmodules sensor. The edge connector itself is easy to solder to so you are not limited to any particular hardware. Also onboard is a 500mA 3.3V regulator. so interfacing to any 3.3V Sensor can't get easier. The raw usb 5V is also exposed as well if needed to make your own voltages. 

Also as a bonus we have solder landing spots to add a qwiic or a Grove connector. this provides a very large ecosystem of sensors you can connect to. 

We have a good starting point for anyone wanting to get thermal data into a PC using an I2C Grideye sensor. You can use our example source code here. You can add on a grid-eye module to your buy so you have a full ready to go grid-eye -> PC setup for all your covid-19 temperature applications. 

We are super excited about this project and evolving this to the ultimate embedded development starting point.  


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PUREmodules breakout board


If you don't have a PUREmodules compatible board and don't want to solder wires to the grid-eye module you can use this breakout board to convert the PUREmodules connector to a 100 mil connector that can plug into any breadboard, or solder wires to the 100 mil header. 

Also on the back of the breakout are solder landing for connectors for qwiic and grove to adapt to existing i2c connectors. 

This is the same board as described at hackster.io allowing you to add a zero cost edge connector to your design to allow for swd programming, uart debugging, i2c expansion, and power. 


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